Change is hard. So is staying the same. Whether it's your job, business, body, health, relationship, mind, soul....if something needs to change, only YOU CAN make that start. MINDSET is HUGE. ENVIRONMENT is HUGE. ENERGY is HUGE. Remember, what you put out there, comes back to you. What you put in, you get back. We... Continue Reading →

Nature Nurture

I love the mornings when the fog is lifting off the water. Spending time in nature is a great way to raise your vibrations. Nature speaks a language that doesn't require words. There is power in the silence. Empower your life through elevation. I know a company that can help you with that!! We are W.E.!!!!!  We are a Wilderness Empowerment group run by Tina Glynn and Angie Schuman created to empower women... Continue Reading →


Think for a minute about who the person is that we want to be and what is is going to look like as you are becoming that person. If ALL you are ever doing is reflecting on who we are RIGHT NOW, that will never get us to who we want to be. We need... Continue Reading →

Limited Beliefs

One of the things holding me back for years was my belief I was too old or that my moment had passed me by or simply that my best days were already behind me. Even though I've changed that limited belief, a good friend,  Stacy Tuschl suggested I  google people who didn't start their careers until they... Continue Reading →

I have an assignment~

Today I have an assignment for you to create a vision board for the lockscreen on your phone! When I first did this, it was really hard for me as I try to appreciate everything I have and not want for more...but I know when I have more I will be able to do more and... Continue Reading →

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