Nature Nurture

I love the mornings when the fog is lifting off the water. Spending time in nature is a great way to raise your vibrations. Nature speaks a language that doesn’t require words. There is power in the silence. Empower your life through elevation.

I know a company that can help you with that!!

We are W.E.!!!!!  We are a Wilderness Empowerment group run by Tina Glynn and Angie Schuman created to empower women through strengthening their knowledge and skills while connecting with nature.

Through our empowerment weekends we:

  • Immerse participants in activities to help them learn new camping skills
  • Empower participants to be independent when in the wilderness
  • Help participants discover how peaceful and relaxing the wilderness can be
  • Encourage participants to overcome obstacles that may have kept them from doing outdoor activities
  • Motivate participants to step outside their comfort zone in order to expand their capabilities and acquire new talents

If you are interested send an email to   Subject:  Info!


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