Thank you…

No matter what higher power you believe in, have you ever taken the time to write a letter to God and/or the universe as if the thing you desire the most has already been given to you,  and so you are already giving thanks for it?? This was something that really resonated with me when I heard the Manifestation Babe, Kathrin Zenkina, speak in person. If we aren’t grateful for what we already have, why the heck would we be given more? Do YOU like to keep giving to people who are ungrateful for the gifts you give? No you don’t like it ONE BIT!! But when someone is appreciative and thankful, we WANT to give more…that is just how it works people!!!

🙏In EVERYTHING give thanks🙏
         1 Thessalonians 5:18


You can learn more about the Manifestation Babe, Here:

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