Avoiding Hitches

Time. It is something nobody seems to have enough of, but…are you filling it with the right things?

This past week I was super busy preparing for two parties at my home. One with a group of women I have been hanging out with almost monthly for almost a decade, and the other with a reunion of my Dad’s side of the family.

The week was crazy with cooking and cleaning, but everything went well and without a hitch…..almost.

The first party was for a group of women I hang out with who are called my Tacky Sisters. We have a “shower” every month similar to a bridal or baby shower~BUT, none of us are getting married or having babies, which makes it Tacky to have a shower, Every.Single.Month!!! We usually gather for a meal, catch up on life in general, and the big “shower” favorite~play games for prizes! Selling makeup as one of my “gigs” I knew the ladies were going to have fabulous prizes….but the morning OF my party I realized in all of my my prep work, that I had forgot to think of any games to actually win those awesome prizes!!! Whoops! I snuck a marker into the kitchen before I called everyone in to eat and put a smiley face with “U R A Winner!” on the bottom of one of the plates for the first prize; then had them guess my favorite color (yellow) and my favorite number (I’ll never tell 😉 ) for the other two prizes. That was hitch one.

Party day number two, I was up early getting my 7-layer salad together, making lemonade, and making my family favorite….Fluff. Fluff was always one of my favorites as a child growing up. I looked forward to summer picnics and church potlucks to have the opportunity to tantalize my taste buds with the unusually amazing flavor combination that a can of crushed pineapple, a container of cottage cheese, a dry, unmade packet of orange jello and some cool whip would create! As an adult, I have changed it up a bit adding mandarin oranges to the mix and experimenting with different jello flavors (Black Cherry is my FAVORITE!!) Anyway ~Fast forward to this weekend’s party and the point where everyone is finishing up with their lunch. The tables were packed with food (we LITERALLY ran out of table room) and leftovers were abundant. I told my step-sister that Jesus was definitely a guest at our reunion because even though everyone had a brat or burger..or both, the crockpots which held them always seemed to be overflowing!!! I promised I would make my maternal grandmother (who was invited but had other plans) a dish for “later” and with all this food still available it was truly no big deal. Well, when I went to put her goodies in the fridge, there sat my 7-layer salad and Fluff waiting patiently for their reunion debut!! Hello hitch number two~ I never even took them outside to be eaten!!!

My point to this big long story (other than a free recipe for fluff, if you paid attention 😉 ) is this…the most important things we do, ALWAYS end up being about the PEOPLE.

It doesn’t matter how clean your house is…Sunday we didn’t even spend time inside.

It doesn’t matter if you have clever games picked out…everyone was so tickled about the prizes that we immediately started talking makeup tips!!!

It doesn’t even matter how much food you make…trust me~NOBODY left the reunion hungry!!

What DID matter BOTH days is that friends and family got to spend time TOGETHER.

We got to REMINISCE, RECONNECT and RENEW our souls with stories and laughter!  ~AND ~what could be the most important thing of all~we all left with new memories having been made!!!

I just want people to remember this when they are stressing about every little detail and trying to avoid all the hitches. Don’t over work and overwhelm yourself. Immerse yourself in moments that matter.

*And* Lather, Rinse & Repeat….often.

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  1. All was GREAT on Sunday and thanks for ALL you and Dan did to make it a success💖💙 Could you please send us a pic or 2 of siblings.😊

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