If you can’t think of anything to smile about, wait around five minutes and everything could change. 

I don’t much believe in faking it until you make it. I think the lack in authenticity is something that both people and the universe can sense~~BUT, I do believe that we should try with a positive attitude ALWAYS and give it a go-getter try! I have a friend who went through some terrible heartache. You wouldn’t have known it, because he still showed up, still did what he needed to do~for as they say, the show must go on. He did finally inform his followers as to the tragic event that had taken place in his life and was met with many notes of well wishes both in comments and private messages from friends he has never even met. My point is~when you are just TRYING to BE positive, TRYING to BE a nice person, TRYING to BE KIND, UNDERSTANDING, THOUGHTFUL, CARING….. trying isn’t REALLY giving it your all! We really don’t need an explanation~there is an unwritten understanding that in this life, I’m not going to go out of my way to intentionally hurt you and I know that you are not going to go out of your way to intentionally hurt me~~We are GOOD. There’s no need to explanation. Things are EASY. That’s how it SHOULD BE ALWAYS!  ~AND, just as this friend in particular says, Kindness IS COOL and as always…. smiles are free.

Can you make an effort to smile more? I can guarantee that when you do, people WILL smile back!!! Let me know what happens!!



To follow the friend I was mentioning~He has great Two Minute Tips and many other videos just sharing information that might be helpful to someone ~because he is that kind of amazing guy!!

Click here:

Or check out his website


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