If you believe it….

SO~In case you haven’t heard…NO! It’s not “The Bird is the Word!!” Lol Although that’s funny and I get a kick out of every time someone falls for it~my exciting news is that I WON an all expenses paid trip to Laguna Beach in October to attend the Business By Design Live with @jameswedmore!! He said may the best manifestor win, so…

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, there is a lot to be said about it. It is so much more than just “wishing things” and then “POOF” they “are”.

Thankfully I had the awesome opportunity to meet @manifestationbabe at @stacytuschl‘s She’s Building Her Empire Live event (in April in Milwaukee, Wisconsin~it’s a MUST ATTEND for women entrepreneurs!!)  & Kathrin made it clear that the Law of Attraction was just one of 12 Laws that must be in practice to put your manifestations in motion.

So… did my signature “See you in Laguna” propel me that direction? Did the fact I’ve been to Laguna so I could vividly picture myself being there have an effect on me winning??? OR~was the fact I had just come home from being adult baptized, showing God that no matter where my life is heading I am in alignment with Him…was it God showing me HIS favor and a taste of the abundance He wants my life filled with?? Maybe it’s a combination of both or a little of all of the above.  Did I forget to mention that I also started meditating at night to fall asleep INSTEAD of falling asleep to Forensic Files?? (Sorry Peter Thomas!!) Maybe THAT helped!! Lol

Whatever it is, I know it’s more than random chance or just dumb luck. I know that I deserve the best of everything life has to offer and I believe God wants to give it to me~but…I need to do my part, too. There’s no magic or woo woo involved without some action on my part. In THIS moment, my action is to be obsessively grateful for this opportunity and the people who have crossed my path, turning me in the direction to get there! YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!! You just have to start believing that YOU CAN!!!!

I will end this just as I did in my winning post~ I look forward to seeing you in Laguna 🌴


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