Trained Not Tested

Remember that in everything that you go through ~You are not being Tested ~You are being TRAINED~ ✨✨✨✨ I loved this thought by @manifestationbabe in one of her emails to me. We can either look at everything that has happened to us with a negative, victim mentality ~or we can KNOW that every experience that we have... Continue Reading →

Selfie Love

So many times we are taught that loving ourselves is wrong. It's too vain. We should put others first. It's selfish to think of ourselves before others.... I call bullshit on this! If we don't love ourselves first and completely and thoroughly~we will never be able to love others completely and thoroughly! We will never be able to RECEIVE... Continue Reading →

Who are you???

Earlier this year I read a Tribe Called Bliss by @loriharder and I got to a part that has smacked me on the rear twice this year so I thought maybe someone else needs to hear this too~ When is the last time you truly asked yourself WHO ARE YOU? If I asked you now would you... Continue Reading →

Never Forget

Never forget 🔅How far you've come.  Never forget 🔅Everything you have gotten through.  Never forget 🔅All the times you have pushed on even when you felt you couldn’t.  Never Forget 🔅All the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was.  Never forget 🔅All the times you wanted to give up but... Continue Reading →

The Darkness in the Light

I recently saw a post from @doctorkarin that said " Nowadays when the shadowy parts of me reveal themselves ~I try to take those moments to bring those reactions to light and explore why I am feeling that way. In the past I would just shove those back down, tell my self "Get over it" "Don't let... Continue Reading →

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