The Darkness in the Light

I recently saw a post from @doctorkarin that said ”
Nowadays when the shadowy parts of me reveal themselves ~I try to take those moments to bring those reactions to light and explore why I am feeling that way. In the past I would just shove those back down, tell my self “Get over it” “Don’t let this bother you” “Be the better person & don’t react!” But that never allowed me to examine my beliefs and heal/move forward and accept who I truly am. Eventually, that would cause me to EXPLODE 💣💣💣 which wasn’t good for me OR anyone around me!!!

I know I am not perfect. There is a dark side that is a shadow to the light that usually shines from me~but I know that as long as I acknowledge that side is there, I can feel free to explore it. When I would fear it and hide from it, that is when it has had more power~for when I was hiding from it, I was adding to the shadow that only made it stronger, darker….Something that I was unwilling to own, made it more powerful not LESS powerful!!!

Now I own every part of me. Light/dark good/bad, ying/yang, Life is all about balance. You can’t have one without the other. Joy without pain, Sunshine without rain…
These days I am unapologetically me. Every.Stinking.Part.Of.Me.
My people love that. 💕



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