Who are you???

Earlier this year I read a Tribe Called Bliss by @loriharder and I got to a part that has smacked me on the rear twice this year so I thought maybe someone else needs to hear this too~

When is the last time you truly asked yourself WHO ARE YOU? If I asked you now would you know the answer?
Would you reply to me with the titles society has given you like mother, daughter, sister, wife?

Or would you answer me by telling me what you DO?

Maybe you’re a teacher, a student, a disc jockey ~who knows! But you still wouldn’t have answered the question, WHO ARE YOU? What REALLY moves your soul?

What is that thing that fuels your fire??

When I was asked that very question a few months ago, my answer was “nothing” and that saddened me at first….but I DO know better. I am complex layers of so many things, so many little journeys, adventures and paths made me the “who I am” who stands before you today… BUT…the VERY BEST part of my answer to “Who Am I?” is that I am NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to who I have yet to become ❤️ Give me a year and I will be just itching for you to ask me again!!!

Tell me…Who are you????


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