Trained Not Tested

Remember that in everything that you go through ~You are not being Tested ~You are being TRAINED~

I loved this thought by @manifestationbabe in one of her emails to me. We can either look at everything that has happened to us with a negative, victim mentality ~or we can KNOW that every experience that we have gone through has trained us to be the person we NEEDED to become!


The person who is confident, strong, empathetic and wise! 
The person who as gone through the pain to let others know they aren’t alone in theirs!


You have come out of your darkness and are in the light! No matter how dim you may feel that light is, it is brighter than someone who currently trying to find their way through their own darkness.

YOU can be the light they need. YOU can show them that hope is there! YOU can help them see that if they can find ways to make their own light, their single flame can help light up a massive amount of darkness!!!


Trust the journey and most of all trust in yourself. You ARE a light in this world!!


✨✨Shine on!✨✨39121842_10156424549277278_3670628520318468096_n

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