Dear Persistence,

My friend @courtneyvie had a great instagram post on her take away from a part in @msrachelhollis #MeantforMoreMovie. One of the discussions that resonated the most with her was a section of the movie where Rachel has her RISE participants write a letter to their own persistence, thanking it for everything they’ve ever gone through or braved~the things that normally are hard or scary or painful to live through….but we DO get through them and have survived everything to tell our story!!

I loved this takeaway as well and of course, thinking back, didn’t think I’ve really persisted at anything. My life has seemed pretty undramatic and unscathed….until I did this exercise and really started looking back~

Literally from day one, when I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, to more recently, starting THREE new business ventures! Then there’s all the in betweens, from horrible sadness that came with death and through divorces, to AMAZING things like camping in a snow cave (quinzhee) and skijoring! I also can’t forget to explain my picture here, where Tina and I narrowly escaped a Hodag attack! Talk about being resilient!! 😉😂

Seriously though ~It is a powerful exercise that I highly suggest you give a try. ESPECIALLY right now if you are in a spot in your life in which you need some reminding that we are stronger and SO MUCH MORE RESILIENT than many of us think! Most of all~we are truly Warriors! We have survived every fight, every struggle, every loss, EVERY SINGLE THING life has thrown at us up until today….and we will KEEP ON keeping on. –

Thank you @msrachelhollis for this exercise. Thank you, Dear Persistence, for reminding me that I AM that warrior, and that just being ME is pretty damn special!

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