Can you imagine??

Let’s all start imagining More!!!⁣


Did you know that it is true that our minds don’t know the difference between what are our real memories and what are our imagined memories?⁣


Our minds also don’t know the difference between actually doing something or just THINKING about doing something. Don’t believe me? Look it up!! Numerous studies have been done on the subject!! From athletes using their minds to train their bodies~to people who have the same body reactions to trauma just THINKING about the event, not actually actually experiencing it!!⁣


So what exactly does this mean for you??⁣

This is GREAT NEWS because this means we actually have the power to retrain our brains by just using our imaginations!!!!⁣

So let’s all forget what we’ve learned about daydreaming being a negative thing and let’s IMAGINE our way to a better life for ourselves!! ⁣

I’m in…are you with me???? I’m imagining you’ll say YES!!!⁣


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