Mediocrity is no bueño

Mediocrity. What exactly does it mean? ⁣

The dictionary defines it as a person of mediocre ability.⁣

Synonyms are: nonentity, nobody, nothing, lightweight, cipher, second-rater, amateur; More⁣

informalno-hoper, nonstarter⁣

“a brilliant woman surrounded by mediocrities”⁣


Whoa…a brilliant woman surrounded by mediocrity??? Is the dictionary giving me a lesson or what??⁣


This past year SO MUCH has happened in my life both good and bad. I started a brand new businesses with my step sister to help empower more women and on the other end of the spectrum I lost my full-time job of 12 years, 10 days before Christmas. ⁣


The thing is ~when I was thinking about creating the new business and surrounded by people who encourage your dreams and desires I was in a super high vibration and I felt brilliant and unstoppable!! At the job I was at? In total blatant honestly….I felt like a worthless piece of sh*t. ⁣


I already look back at losing my job as my God looking out for me. I can see that the Universe truly has my back. I am a brilliant woman who was surrounded by mediocrity~ and I am meant to be so much more!! And guess what??? YOU are too!!⁣


We are meant to be MORE THAN…⁣

More than ordinary ⁣

More than common⁣

More than passable⁣

More than adequate⁣

More than indifferent⁣

More than inferior⁣

More than mediocre…⁣


Don’t trade your superiority for their Mediocrity. You were born for excellence. Surround yourself with with it and live it. Don’t let anything less than drag you down to their level. Join me in rising above all that. ⁣


WE were made for MORE!⁣

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