You are a gift!!

Found the coolest wall on our morning walk. The NuMidwest Angies representing!!!⁣


One integral part of going to a conference like this is meeting people IRL who have only been your online friends and deepening those connections. A super cool thing though is the people who you meet who you didn’t even know existed before a weekend such as this ~and my life was filled with MANY of those people this weekend!! ⁣


I’m a firm believer that you can’t say yes to every single opportunity that presents itself or your will burn yourself out in sheer busyness ~but say yes to the ones that matter. The ones that will impact your business, your relationships, and your LIFE. ⁣


This weekend at #SSA2019 was one of those weekends. I met some amazing people, learned more about an amazing company, and learned tools to help live a more amazing life!!⁣


Look for those opportunities that you can’t say no to. The ones that will enrich your life body, mind and soul. The ones that fill your life with abundance and remind you how AMAZING you are. That is the mindset we need and the people we hang around and the companies we spend our time working for should constantly be reminding us that the we are a gift to the world…so go out and remind others ~⁣

The best gift IS YOU!!⁣

❀️ πŸ’‹ ❀️⁣




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