This is Luke. ⁣


He sat across from me on the train from Provo to Salt Lake City. ⁣


He is an amazing five year old. He LOVES snow, Michigan college football, his favorite number is 100 and he’s super upset the Saints lost last Sunday (although he’s sure it was totally because the Rams cheated). His “grannie” is from NC and staying with him a couple of months this winter ~and her birthday is in March like me!! He couldn’t believe that people actually wear foam cheese on their heads to football games in Green Bay (I Googled him a picture🧀🧀🧀 ) & he promised me that whenever he caught a Packers/Bears game on TV next season, that he would root for the Packers.⁣


Yes, Luke’s dad was with him…but this little gentleman and I had an amazing conversation without much of Dad’s input. Dad even laughed when Luke told me about the Patriots winning their championship game to get them into the superbowl~Even though he wasn’t happy about it he said, “It was impressive.” Lol⁣


My point of all this is~I could have sat there in silence and missed a wonderful conversation with a young kid who, I guarantee you, is going to be a future sports announcer!!⁣


START conversations. ⁣

Even if they’re not always comfortable. ⁣

MAKE people feel like they MATTER…⁣

Whether they are 5 or 105~because quite frankly, age doesn’t matter….but PEOPLE always DO!!⁣

💕 💕 💕 💕 ⁣

#kindessIsCool ⁣


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