Cabin Fever Fight

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey⁣


Here we are folks! It’s that time of the year again. Time when all the leaves are actually down and covered under who knows exactly how many inches of snow….but the sky?? It’s definitely gray. ⁣


Usually this time of year never bothers me. I love the reprieve from the sweaty humid weather and BUGS!! I know that spring is JUST around the corner no matter what Jimmy the groundhog says, and soon everything will be lush and green and vibrant again!! BUT~this year feels like that endless winter. The one that actually keeps you inside because of the temperature and actually keeps you from going anywhere because of hazardous road conditions.⁣


So what’s my damage Heather?!? (Sorry, 80’s throwback movie quote reference 😂😂😂)⁣


Well… This year I am feeling the definition of “cabin fever”. I want to get out and Enjoy the Day! I long for the sun and blue skies and Temps that aren’t going to turn my uncovered skin dead and black!⁣


It’s true ~I’m California dreaming. ⁣

…On such a winter’s day. I look around, leaves are down and the sky is a hazy shade of winter. I KNOW brighter days are coming. I KNOW this is almost over. I KNOW I just quoted lyrics from two different songs about winter…⁣


We saw the sunshine AND blue sky today so better days are JUST around the corner!!! I just want you to know if you’re feeling low that you’re not alone. Sometimes even the most die hard winter lovers think winter stinks too💕⁣


What do YOU do to combat #cabinFever???

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