Dear Persistence,

My friend @courtneyvie had a great instagram post on her take away from a part in @msrachelhollis #MeantforMoreMovie. One of the discussions that resonated the most with her was a section of the movie where Rachel has her RISE participants write a letter to their own persistence, thanking it for everything they've ever gone through or braved~the things that normally... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Hitches

Time. It is something nobody seems to have enough of, but...are you filling it with the right things? This past week I was super busy preparing for two parties at my home. One with a group of women I have been hanging out with almost monthly for almost a decade, and the other with a... Continue Reading →

Limited Beliefs

One of the things holding me back for years was my belief I was too old or that my moment had passed me by or simply that my best days were already behind me. Even though I've changed that limited belief, a good friend,  Stacy Tuschl suggested I  google people who didn't start their careers until they... Continue Reading →

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