Quit while you’re ahead

Quit while you're ahead! That used to be my motto. If in being completely transparent, quit before you even try was more the name of my tune! 😏😏😏😏 Based on previous tries and fails or even the THOUGHT of trying and failing, more often than not ~I didn't even bother. Looking back I'm super grateful... Continue Reading →

Hey…You’re Right!!!

Whether you think you can or you can't you're right 💕 Lately I've heard this a LOT when it comes to online business~but it rings true in EVERY area of our lives! 💖💖💖💖💖💖 When we think we can't do something or can't have something or someone we are automatically preventing ourselves from ever getting those... Continue Reading →


YOU ARE BOMBGIGGITY AWESOME! 💕💕💕 Have you ever had anyone tell you that you were awesome and immediately dismiss it? Do you think that maybe you are kind of cool but you don't want to appear as though you are conceited or have a big head?? 💕💕💕 Well guess what?? THOSE THOUGHTS are only KEEPING... Continue Reading →

Dear Persistence,

My friend @courtneyvie had a great instagram post on her take away from a part in @msrachelhollis #MeantforMoreMovie. One of the discussions that resonated the most with her was a section of the movie where Rachel has her RISE participants write a letter to their own persistence, thanking it for everything they've ever gone through or braved~the things that normally... Continue Reading →

Trained Not Tested

Remember that in everything that you go through ~You are not being Tested ~You are being TRAINED~ ✨✨✨✨ I loved this thought by @manifestationbabe in one of her emails to me. We can either look at everything that has happened to us with a negative, victim mentality ~or we can KNOW that every experience that we have... Continue Reading →

Selfie Love

So many times we are taught that loving ourselves is wrong. It's too vain. We should put others first. It's selfish to think of ourselves before others.... I call bullshit on this! If we don't love ourselves first and completely and thoroughly~we will never be able to love others completely and thoroughly! We will never be able to RECEIVE... Continue Reading →

Who are you???

Earlier this year I read a Tribe Called Bliss by @loriharder and I got to a part that has smacked me on the rear twice this year so I thought maybe someone else needs to hear this too~ When is the last time you truly asked yourself WHO ARE YOU? If I asked you now would you... Continue Reading →

Never Forget

Never forget 🔅How far you've come.  Never forget 🔅Everything you have gotten through.  Never forget 🔅All the times you have pushed on even when you felt you couldn’t.  Never Forget 🔅All the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was.  Never forget 🔅All the times you wanted to give up but... Continue Reading →

The Darkness in the Light

I recently saw a post from @doctorkarin that said " Nowadays when the shadowy parts of me reveal themselves ~I try to take those moments to bring those reactions to light and explore why I am feeling that way. In the past I would just shove those back down, tell my self "Get over it" "Don't let... Continue Reading →

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